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European Congress on Immunology

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Plant medical specialty is that the study of however plants defend their tissues from infection. Plants don’t have associate degree adaptive system however have evolved innate immune mechanisms (including the resistance proteins) to sense and reply to infections. Relative to a prone plant, malady resistance is that the reduction of microorganism growth on or within the plant (and thence a discount of disease), whereas the term malady tolerance describes plants that exhibit very little malady injury despite substantial microorganism levels. Disease outcome is decided by the multilateral  interaction of the microorganism, the plant and therefore the environmental conditions

European Congress on Immunology

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Reproductive immunology refers to a field of medicine that studies relations  between the immune cells and organs  related to the reproductive system growth and development  medicines help in the  maternal immunetolerance towards the fetus, or immunological interactions across the blood-testis barrier. And also clinical studiesof  fertility problems, recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy complications

·         Maternal immune tolerance

·         Blood-testis barrier

·         Fertility clinics

·         Anti-sperm antigen

·         Autoagglutination

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